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Sandra Knecht researches the concept of “Heimat” (spiritual and physical home) – a concept which calls for ongoing revision and renegotiation – through the medium of art. For each individual, “Heimat” is as generically definable as it is unique. Biographical, geographical, socio-cultural and political aspects as well as relations between human beings and the natural world, are integral to the concept of Heimat, as “steeped” as it is in memory, perception, inner poise and outlook. 

In her artistic practice, Swiss artist Sandra Knecht (*1968 in Zurich, lives and works in Buus/Canton of Baselland), takes up and explores this concept of Heimat under the aspect of the unfamiliar by way of a twofold exploration of her own family history and the concept of Heimat itself. Knecht undertakes her long-term research through such various media as installation, archive, photography, video, sound, performance and the culinary arts. Her multifaceted oeuvre is informed by ten years of trans-disciplinary research into the concept of Heimat. In her work, however, the artist creates uniquely developed social sculptures, ranging from dinner parties and performance art through to the conceptualisation and execution of artworks, exhibitions and book projects.

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