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Saturday 13 July 2023, 11am-5.30pm

A Gathering on Art and Landwill bring together international artists whose practices engage with agriculture, land rights and Indigenous history. The programme will further engage the world-building potential of seeds, focusing on the spirited agricultural and political dimensions

of land.

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Die Akademie Concerto21 ist ein Meisterkurs der etwas anderen Art:

Hier steht nicht das musikalische Können im Vordergrund (das setzen wir voraus), sondern alles andere, was Solisten:innen, Ensembles oder Festivalmacher innen brauchen, um erfolgreich zu sein. Unter dem Motto: „Man muss das Konzert verändern, um es zu erhalten" werden verschiedene Ansätze und Ideen reflektiert, damit Musiker:innen nicht nur für die Musik, sondern auch von der Musik leben können.

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10 Jan – 27 Apr 2025


The “findings” of the artist’s extensive, decade-long period of enquiry culminate in Home Is a Foreign Place, which forms part of a major solo exhibition scheduled for exhibition at the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger | KBH.G. The exhibition’s multi-layered, thematic complex of works takes in “Revolution Is Not a Love Song”, “Togetherness”, “Landscape”, “Transformation” and “Family”.

9 Jun –16 Jun 2024

Basel Social Club returns for its third edition in a new location and new format: a week-long event in the open air on farmland fields behind the residential neighborhood of Bruderholz, extending across approximately 50 hectares of land into Baselland – from the city border to the edge of the forest.

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Social Club

10 Jun – 25 Sep 2024

Group show at the Remise, with Sandra Knecht, Kira Lillie, Adeline Mollard, Manuela Morales Délano, and Alan Sierra, curated by Samuel Leuenberger and Benedikt Wyss

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Opening: Sunday, June 9th, during Art Basel
Opening reception and Open House from 10 AM–5 PM

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