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The honeybee - we know about its important role as an important farm animal and pollinator, but also as a bioindicator of environmental changes. Its extremely important role in the ecosystem is being better understood, not least because of its endangerment. Neurobiologists, in turn, are using this insect to try to understand how nerve cells communicate with each other. But what role does it play in art?

Numerous contemporary artists have repeatedly made the honeybee the focus of their work or central works; be it the creature itself with its extremely complex social behavior or honey or beeswax as a product. The exhibition at Kunsthaus Baselland, which was created in cooperation with the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona, therefore presents and discusses this complex, socially relevant theme with important works of contemporary art.

Beehave questions our behavior and our role within society. It also raises the question of the responsibility we want to and must assume towards our environment today. Furthermore, it aims to show the almost seismographic role that artists play in a variety of important current and socially relevant issues.

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