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Taking up an invitation by the two curators, Sandra Knecht journeyed to Pula and Labin to compose three dishes prepared by the chefs of Hotel Peteani for the 4th Industrial Art Biennial. Researching original rEcipes from Istria, especially Labin, Knecht then innovatively combined

some of the favourite produce grown and sold by local market women.

The outcome, among other things, was a dessert of deep-fried krafi, a raviolo stuffed with sheep‘s cheese, served with aniseed ice cream, plum compote and hazelnut-pumpkin-seed croquante...



Knecht’s installation centres on Alpine regions, and on myths and legends in particular. Transcendence plays a no less inherent role in her photographic series entitled Tschinn (2014–), in which she not only exhibits a photograph but also a mask and an outfit. For the opening, visitors were served high-proof “spirit” from a block of ice; from Gletschermilch (2022), a schnapps which Knecht distilled herself from eleven mountain herbs.



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